Conrank conceived his love for producing through beatboxing when he was only fourteen. The UK born and raised DJ/producer started off recording his beats on a tape recorder. Originally hitting the scene in 2010 with a famous performance at the “Secret Garden Party” in London, rocking a crowd of thousands, his reputation started to grow.

Ever persistent, Conrank moved to Shanghai, China and over the next five years became one of the biggest faces of Bass music in Asia. Word of his reputation made it to the west by 2016 and caught the attention of big names such as Skrillex, G Jones, DJ Shadow, and Yheti. In the same year, Conrank performed a b2b set with Skrillex and a recorded set for Boiler Room Asia, grossing over eight million views worldwide. In 2017, Conrank returned to his roots and began producing UK Dubstep and DnB.

Since then, it’s been pretty clear fans have responded well to the new sound. With huge collaborations featuring Bassnectar, Space Jesus, Zeke Beats, and Dirt Monkey, it’s safe to say Conrank isn’t going anywhere.

With Conrank’s new release, out now through Circus Records, he pays homage to Planet Perfecto’s breakout 1999 Trance hit, “Bullet in the Gun”. This new Bass tune features vocals from NYC artist, Charmae. Check out Conrank’s newest work below, this dude’s got bangers galore. You can catch him around the country on the Ten Years of Circus Records tour alongside Flux Pavillion, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, and more!

(Write Up by Peter Jacus)


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