Rossy is a name you might recognize if you frequent our site. Tons of her tracks have stood out as power-packed bangers over the past year, and we’ve been happy to share so many of them with our readers.

Today, the California native brings us her brand new original featuring vocals from twenty-two-year-old songstress Pauline Herr. Herr has the pipes of an angel and recently lent her voice to Inzo & Align’s collab¬†Notions“.

Keep an eye out for both Rossy and Pauline Herr to blow up big, VERY soon!

“This track started with me sending Pauline some lyrics I had wrote when I was trying to make sense of something that just hurt me. She sent me back her vocals and then from there this was created. This song is one of those that takes me back to an exact instance, feeling, and moment. Today, I am SO happy to share it with you all! So much love to you from Pauline and I. We appreciate you more than you know <3”¬† — Rossy

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