Dotcom (real name Chris Comstock) has been hiding in plain sight since he took up the infectious, Pop-centric, Marshmello moniker. In January 2016, Dotcom ditched his old name for an all white helmet, and pursued music under the poppy-electronic sounds of Marshmello. He released his debut album, Joytime, which included his debut smash single, “Keep it Mello”. Since then, he’s been playing shows all over the world including huge festival performances and Las Vegas club sets weekly, as well as producing his own cooking show and having the first ever in-game Fortnite performance. In June 2018, he released the follow up to his debut album, Joytime 2.

Before his Marshmello days, Dotcom was cranking out some of the hottest trap remixes in the game. He took on some of the biggest rap hits of that time with remixes of tracks like Cheef Keef’s “Hate Being Sober” and Ca$h Out’s viral hit “Cash Out“.

From a tweet last week from Dotcom, he announced that “Gang Shit” would be his newest work under his old alias. Check out “Gang Shit” feat. Lil Toe and its wild music video below. The video features a slew of famous Youtubers including Casey Frey, Nick Coletti, and many other recognizable faces. Hopefully we get more changes of pace from Dotcom/Marshmello.

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