We covered Ian Munro‘s “Again, Again” a couple weeks back. Today, the producer brings us his brand new project. The new EP through Quality Goods Records also comes alongside a full-length visual experience.

The Liminal EP is a five-track thrill ride from New Zealand producer Munro. The deeply personal project shows off his experimental sound that has already caught the ears of big industry names like Skrillex, Hardwell, and of course, Quality Goods label head UZ, who appears on “Without Me” featuring some bars from Hip-Hop artist Somber. Liminal features cozy, ethereal sounds throughout the whole EP. Munro wanted listeners to really feel his final product and give them something to hold on to, something to evoke emotions, something to love.

“A huge part of this project was in the pursuit of catharsis: a blind stab in the dark for something more – something tangible. You can fake it to try and play the game for a while, but that eats you up and spits you out hollowed. This EP is, in a way, my way of making sense of it all. Making sense of my place in the world — both musically and personally. I guess the concept of liminality really goes hand in hand with this. For a long time there, I was lost. I think this project really embodies those in-between moments that exist between discomfort and resolution – those moments of transformation and growth.” – Ian Munro

Enjoy his new project below!

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