We were fortunate enough to have caught three Shlump sets this past weekend at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee. From his b3b set with Space Jesus and Eprom, to his late night Kalliope secret set, to his Silent Disco set, this man’s show does not disappoint. With countless bangers under his belt, Shlump took Bonnaroo by storm.

Today, Shlump unleashes “System Crash”, a huge tune that we are very, very excited about. Large buildups and amorphous basslines provide an incredible atmosphere to this brand new space bass banger. Despite being signed to Truth’s Deep, Dark, and Dangerous Label, Shlump delivers us this heater through the Wakaan label and their weird and wonderful movement.

“I have been opening all my sets with system crash for the past year or so. Really like the atmosphere and vibe of the intro & first drop. The tune sets a good tone/pace for my the set. It was also really fun to make. I hadn’t made too many half timed 120 bpm beats so this was something new. For me it was a really fun song to write because there is so much space between the drums at 120 – so many different ways to take it. Wanted the first drop to be a heavy dubstep ish sound design, but wanted something different for the 2nd drop. Started fiddling with some arpeggios on an acid bass patch and came up with a cool pattern. For me this song was very experimental.” — Shlump

*Write-Up by Peter Jacus*


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