“In the void of the uncanny valley, we have an opportunity to reclaim our own nature.” – Huxley Anne

Originally from Logan, a small town in northern Utah, Huxley Anne made her humble production beginnings whilst feeling alienated and isolated in her late teens.

She started producing music when she was nineteen years old. She was on LSD in the desert with her iPad and started to experiment with the popular music-making application, Garageband, in the sand. Within an hour, a track concept had already manifested for Huxley Anne.

This ‘trip’ was the turning point of her musical journey. She had found an instrument that allowed her to express the sounds she had heard in her own head and we are so happy to be supporting her voyage of sound.

2019 is shaping up to be Huxley’s biggest year yet. Huge performances on Space Jesus’ Temple of Noom tour featuring unreleased masterpieces have seriously brought her into the spotlight. Today, she releases her new single “Boy, No”. This is slated to be the first release off her highly anticipated FIGS EP.  We’ll keep you updated when we get more information on the project, but for now, enjoy her newest work below!

“Dark, electronic trap rhythms create a cavernous space for HEZEN’s ethereal, yet bold, vocal lines. This is a song of reclamation, of empowerment. In the face of a dualistic, digital fracturing of self, “Boy, No” asserts it’s own voice and blurs the lines between.” — Huxley Anne

*Write-Up by Peter Jacus*


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