Mersiv Sound Project has been taking the bass community by storm since his entrance to the scene in 2017. In these short three years, he has gone from undercard to headliner. In 2019 Mersiv had two headlining tours across the U.S. and performed at festivals such as Bonnaroo, Shambhala, Summer Camp, and Wakaan Music Festival.

Jantsen is a man who needs no introduction. The boulder native has been developing his sound for close to a decade. His influence is undeniable. He has been a top name in the dubstep scene from the start, pumping out timeless tunes with Bassnectar, Dirt Monkey, Luzcid, and other top dawgs in the scene.

Jantsen and Mersiv finally found a home for their hard-hitting, crowd-pleasing track “Get Crazy”This high energy track gets right to it, layering on basslines. As the tempo increases, a comfortable amount of distortion leads us into a wave of bass. You can hear  Jantsen’s signature bass throughout with the addition of Mersiv’s sounds that we love so much.

Both Mersiv and Jantsen fans alike have been waiting for this one since the middle of last summer. It was the first track on Jantsen’s “Gutter Music 3 Pt. 1 Mixtape”. Throughout the festival season and into fall and winter tour dates, the boys have been flaunting this tune in each of their live sets. Making it a favorite amongst the fans long before today. It only feels right that this tune comes to life via one of our favorite bass labels, Liquid Stanger’s Wakaan. 

This collaboration showcases both of their skills as producers well, without stepping over each other’s toes. The ability to weave both their sounds into this brilliant sonic collage makes us hope this is the first of many collabs from Jantsen and Mersiv.

“Get Crazy is the attitude I approach life – whether it be music, working out, family, fun – live life to the max, and don’t hold back.” – Jantsen

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