If you’re a fan of hypnotic Bass Music, we’d highly recommend you check out Mersiv’s newest work. Since his start in 2017, Anderson Benoit Gallegos, the man behind The Mersiv Sound Project, has been consistently putting out huge Bass tunes. His stage presence is unique and infectious. The energy he brings to his shows translates directly into the crowd and if you haven’t caught his show yet, please try to!

Today, Anderson delivers us his biggest album to date! Comprised of ten tracks, Digital Eden is a full-on masterpiece. From downtempo to the dance floor, this album has it all covered. Mersiv’s reach is quickly growing and we are excited to see him become one of many the buzzing faces of Bass music.

We recently covered his guest mix for Shambhala Festival’s Road To Shamb series, you can listen to that madness here.

Check out what Mersiv had to say about the new project below!

*Write-Up by Peter Jacus*

“Today is the day!!! This is the biggest moment since the birth of Mersiv Sound Project! I still can’t process this all the way. We’ve been manifesting this day for a few years now and for it to all come together is truly full circle. Life is nuts & I can’t wait for everyone to experience what I have to offer this evening at one of the most legendary venues on the planet.

So on this special day, I have a gift for you. I proudly present my newest project, Digital Eden! Digital Eden is a collection of different styles from myself & collaborations with my close friends. The intention of each song is to heal and bring you into the present moment through sound. I hope this music finds a special place in your heart & inspires you to manifest your own positive affirmations throughout your journey.” – Mersiv


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