Deorro is back with his brand new single “All This Time”, out today via Ultra Records. “All This Time” presents a more gentle, progressive side of Deorro, illustrating his wide range of abilities as a producer. The track follows Deorro’s freshly released “Obvious” and other tracks that dropped earlier in the year such as “Keep It Goin'” with Danny Avila, “Pica” with Henry Fong and Elvis Crespo, and “Wild Like The Wind.”

If you aren’t feeling summer yet, just press play on “All This Time. Deorro strayed away from his signature hard bounce sound in this track, and instead uses breezy melodies, gently progressive basslines, and breathy vocals to evoke images of romantic reunions under balmy summer skies, and a feel-good vibe. This new track truly depicts Deorro’s skill as a music producer, as he is able to expertly transition from dance floor bangers to radio-play anthems, still with professional quality.

“I was in a nostalgic 2009 mood, and I really wanted to make something progressive. At the same time, I received the vocals for “All This Time”, and they both fit together really well. It was an in the moment kind of thing, and I was happy with how it was sounding as I was producing it. I really hope people like it. Enjoy.” -Deorro

Keep an eye out for more music from Deorro coming soon, but in the meantime, stream “All This Time” below!

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