Jauz (real name Sam Vogel) is an American DJ and EDM producer based in San Francisco. Having dabbled in nearly every genre of bass music imaginable over the course of his career, the heavyweight producer has now brought it all home within impressive new Tech-House track “Don’t Leave Me”, which was released this past Friday.

Following a heavy-hitting collaboration with Axel Boy titled “I Dare You”, Jauz switched up his approach on his new single, “Don’t Leave Me”. The almost six-minute melodic and thumping new House track is a step in a different direction for the producer, featuring dynamic piano stabs, vibrant, bouncing synths, pitched vocal chops, and heavy bass all atop a groovy four by four kick.

“Don’t Leave Me” starts with a synth line that has a bit of an early-2010s feel to it. Then enters a gorgeous melodic intro with a catchy simple vocal that will make any House-head groove. The second half of the song is almost Acid-House inspired and completely flips the script with acid-hinting notes and some grinding sub-bass, while some of the earlier melodic elements are distorted and twisted.

Although the complex track may seem like it took a while to put together, Jauz would disagree:

“This song came together so organically… it kind of reminded me of the process of how I wrote ‘Feel The Volume’ a bit. I started with the bassline from the first drop, which I just wrote accidentally while playing around with a bunch of new synth sounds I had gotten. From there the whole thing kind of wrote itself over the course of a couple hours. I just kept finding samples and sounds and melodies that fit the puzzle perfectly. Making tracks can definitely feel like banging your head against the wall a lot of the time so when it comes together so effortlessly it’s a really special moment. As musicians and producers those are the kinds of sessions we dream about.” -Jauz

“Don’t Leave Me” is the first track off Jauz’s upcoming House and Tech house compilation Jauz Presents: This Is Off The Deep End, which drops July 26th via Bite This!, his new label. The compilation will contain ten tracks total, will feature some names that have not yet been announced, so be sure to check back come late July for our full write-up.

Check out “Don’t Leave Me” below!


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