If you’re looking to get into techno, look no further than i_o. The Los Angeles based producer, whose real name is Garrett Lockhart, has been practicing the dark arts of techno since 2017. In 2019, he performed his first Ultra and EDCLV sets, released banging tunes, continued to grow his rapidly expanding fanbase, and now is on the infectious rise to conquer more with his mysterious sound. This summer already saw the release of i_o’s collaboration with Jauz on “Truth” that had us dancing away. On Friday, he returned to his familiar home of mau5trap to gift us with his techno-heavy House of God EP.

The House of God EP takes us through a four-song journey into the all-embracing depths of i_o’s sound. The EP spans through the techno genre by using both melodic and groovy elements. My personal favorite is “Ghost In The Machine”, a smooth track that perfectly combines melody, in the form of vocal chops, with synths. It adds a varying vocal element to the eclectic collection, and shifts the EP into a more minimal, yet uplifting melodic essence.

Coining himself as “techno malware,” i_o executes House of God with a magnetism that will surely innovate the future of dance music. Stream the House of God EP below!


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