You should be familiar with Riot Ten and SAYMYNAME if you are no stranger to the Dubstep or Hard-Trap worlds. Considering each other day ones, the two are also no stranger to each other (they’re pictured above shotgunning a beer together). Riot Ten and SAYMYNAME go back about five years, making their new banger “Glocks” not only highly anticipated but also long overdue.

Riot Ten’s arguably most recognizable track, “Rail Breaker“, remained in the Top Ten on Beatport’s Dubstep chart for almost half a year and continues to be one of the most played records across EDM genre lines over the past two years later. Shortly after the release of “Rail Breaker“, he released his debut Hype or Die: The Dead EP. The new single is also out now through Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records.

Growing up in a musical family, SAYMYNAME brings a distinguished flavor that can only be found through a homegrown, authentic love for music. He creates a sound that is distinctly curated from a lifetime of influence and many hours spent perfecting and refining it. It’s no wonder he was hand-selected from INSOMNIAC’s 2013 Discovery Project.

The track has every ingredient provided from the two producers that are needed to cook up a heater destined to hang around on the Dubstep charts. Check it out below and let us know below if this is your new end of a summer anthem.

Additional vocals provided by Milano The Don.


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