Blunts & Blondes may be young, but he’s become a pretty familiar face in the Dubstep world. A true product of the scene, he was inspired to start making music because of the way he saw it move people and how it could make them react. At the early stages of his career, he was a student in Tampa, FL, playing house parties. He quickly made a name for himself in the local scene securing a residency at the Ritz and also nailing a slot at Okeechobee in 2017.

Eventually, his school caught wind of his new project name and terminated his status as a student. Being the type of person to make the best of every situation he took the time to make more music. From this time period was born “Routine” featuring Báwldy, which created a lot of buzz around Blunts & Blondes. From there he continued on to blow up appearing on line-ups for events like Excision’s Lost Lands and Bass Canyon as well as his Up In Smoke tour alongside Subtronics.

His debut Smoking With Friends EP, released through Deadbeats, is by the scene for the scene and is guaranteed to be the new soundtrack to your smoke sesh. Packed with his mold-breaking signature grimey, wobbly baselines and unexpected filth, it’s bound to get a reaction out of you and your friends, whether that be in pure awe or breaking out in headbanging.

Take a listen below and comment which song made you feel like the blunt hit you back. Spoiler alert, they all do.

*post by Becca Parks*






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