Trap tastemaker What So Not has had some notable releases this year including his epic “Stranger Things Remix“, “We Can Be Friends“, and a reset with Slumberjack of “14U+14Me“. He’ll be playing shows internationally for the rest of the year.

Dubstep legend Flux Pavilion has already knocked out five singles this year all with unique collaborating artists, including the massive hit “Room to Fall“, with Marshmello, plus two remixes of his 2018 hit “Symphony“.

Today, these two artists, who are both well acclimated to the scene, have decided to weave together their styles for “20:25“. Their third collaborator is The Chain Gang of 1974. This project was headed by Kamtin Mohager, who you may recognize as the bassist from Electro-Punk group 3OH!3. Mohager uses his new platform to explore a new style in his songwriting, diving into more of an ‘indietronica’ sound.

20:25” is out now through Circus Records, which was co-founded by Flux. This tune touches on loneliness and plays with some interesting and ethereal sounds. This is the perfect track for your commute today! Check it out below.

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