If you aren’t familiar with the Spicy Bois it’s time to get familiar. A record label among many, many other things, was founded in May 2018 by Kevin Lee aka MeSo and Hunter Nott aka no kay. The Spicy Bois collective claims to center around Freeform Bass, Hybrid Trap, and the undefined, all of their releases have highlighted exploratory sounds regardless of the genre.

Today, labelhead MeSo is taking on Circus Records regular Conrank. Both acts performed at the inaugural Wakaan Festival at Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas last weekend, with Conrank gracing the mainstage and MeSo leading his fellow Spicy Bois for their Hennessey sound powered late-night takeover.

On the new remix of Conrank’s “Drum In Time“, MeSo shows off his killer production prowess, taking the track a level deeper and even weirder. Enjoy MeSo’s take below!


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