Eprom Returns With Another Insane New Single: “Hope” Through Deadbeats

EPROM’s influence in the bass scene is undeniable. His artistic ability to create fresh sounds and push the envelope for bass music as a whole separates him from any competition. Thick distortion and ultra-heavy basslines are his nine to five. Alexander Dennis (EPROM) graduated from UCSC alongside Lorin Ashton (Bassnectar), and Justin Boreta (founding member of The Glitch Mob). From attending raves in the Redwoods forest to full moon parties in San Diego, EPROM is a product of the 90s bay area rave scene. 

His newest single “Hope”, off the upcoming Aikon EP, is a blast of bass straight from another planet. In a world where artists sound eerily similar, EPROM shows us how outside the box he truly is. “This tune had me getting outside of my comfort zone for a little bit”. Finely crafted bass like this is why artists like EPROM are so valuable in pushing the boundaries of the genre. Listen to his newest track below via Deadbeats.

Be sure to peep his past collab with G Jones, “Daemon Veil”, here!

*Write Up By Peter Jacus*


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