It’s always such a treat when a master of their craft creates something new, and a treat is absolutely what we are in for with 12th Planet’s new EP. Hailing from Los Angeles, John Dadzie is well-known as ‘Los Angeles Dubstep god‘, ‘King of Dubstep’, or even the ‘US Dubstep godfather’. Skrillex has even cited 12th as his mentor.

12th Planet started producing dubstep in 2006 and then a year later helped re-launch SMOG Records, one of the founding groups in the North American dubstep and bass movement. Having a long-standing friendship and collaboration history with Rob Talbott (half of Dodge & Fuski) it’s not so shocking that the EP will be released on Disciple, the label that Rob co-runs.

Titled “Swamplex ExtraTerrestrial”, this new project is full of supersonic, wobbly bass that exposes 12th Planets Riddim roots. The EP has an iconic feature with Vulgatron, half of the multigenre pioneering group Foreign Beggars. It also features Monxx and Oolacile, two notable Riddim producers. This body of work combines a decade’s worth of skill and flavor. Check out these new wobblers below and let us know what you think of 12th’s most recent project!


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