From the first beat of BLVD.‘s latest self-released single “Game Day,” it is clear that his music making is inexorably married to the world of sports. After all, his debut single titled “Crowd Control” was turned into an amped-up anthem for promotional work for the NBA’s Miami Heat. The drum line regiment at the core of “Game Day” functions as the percussive heartbeat – it drives both the rhythm of the track and the thematic ideals resonant in its, for lack of a better term, game day vibes. Self-likened to an association with hard asphalt, raw metal, and true essence of a “boulevard,” BLVD. is primed to continue delivering staples for tailgates, warm ups, post games, or any other sporting event.

“Sports have always been an essential part of my life, especially the theme of bringing people together, there’s nothing that encompasses this better than game days. They’re an amazing phenomenon that has transcended throughout generations. Music is always paired with game days, whether it be tailgate bangers or throwback classics. The world needs a strong new game day anthem to make them jump out of bed, I present to you, ‘Game Day.'” BLVD.

Free Download: BLVD. – Game Day

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