Following up his critically lauded Jade EP, Devault is back again with another cross-modal creation. The new release, Sapphire EP, is accompanied yet again by a cyberpunk visual experience pushing the edge of nostalgia alongside his 80’s inspired dance tunes. Anchored by the titular track “Sapphire,” the EP blends a multitude of sounds across its four tracks while maintaining commonalities in their driving, danceable beats.

“Sapphire” is the kind of track that you could expect to see in a film such as Blade Runner – almost begging to be reimagined into a vaporwave track – and its visual accompaniment only exacerbates this feeling. In contrast to Jade“Sapphire” is the lone audiovisual piece on the release; thus, its visuals are considerably more disorienting than the loose narrative content driving its predecessor. Nevertheless, the supplement more than enhances the experience of engaging with the track with it once again providing a unique, multidimensional approach to Devault’s projects.

The latter tracks, especially “Saunter,” emanate a sound perhaps reminiscent of the background tracks in Linkin Park’s early years. The upbeat but deep-tonal content of each track makes for an impressive, retro, storylike listening experience that rewards listeners with a fresh approach to old musical concepts.

Enjoy Devault’s project in full and let us know what you think in the comments!

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