From the opening notes of his full-length debut Pink, the prowess of multi-instrumentalist production project Two Feet is undeniable. Bill Dess, the man behind the curtain, hails from Harlem, so it is only natural that he weaves the sounds of his former jazz and blues backgrounds into his global powerhouse project.

Whether it is amassing over a billion streams since 2016 or gracing noteworthy stages & events such as Governor’s Ball, Bonnaroo, and Austin City Limits, it seems as if Two Feet has found followers regardless of which direction he leads. He also was an opener on Panic! at the Disco‘s Pray for the Wicked Tour.

While the artist is no newcomer to hardships – taking a brief but serious mental health hiatus in 2018 – he has certainly turned adversity to hard work while continually honing his craft. Pink treads on new ground for Two Feet with diverse instrumentation utilized variably in a roller coaster of unbridled energy, intimate vulnerability, and raw emotion.

Citing a juxtaposition of light and dark moments both musically and lyrically, Two Feet certainly delivers variety above all else. Embracing electronic ideals on tracks such as “44 Lies,” “Grey,” and “Maria,” he makes use of heavy synth-bass beneath layers of pulsating melodic lines, drifting pianos, and slow-burning trap percussion.

Alternatively, leading singles like “Lost the Game” and the eponymous “Pink” identify more closely with the artist’s aforementioned influences. Featuring stylish and intelligently infectious guitar riffs, the songs bring an unmistakably indie sound to a concoction of future bass-blues whose groove seeps into the soul.

Holistically, the record is down-tempo but makes impressive use of its composition to flip-flop intensity tracks like the explosively building “You?” coming on the heels of the brief, wistful ambiance of “Call Me, I Still Love You.” The lingering notes are emotionally exposing but overall understanding and Two Feet culminates these ideas eloquently in his own words:

“I’d love for listeners to approach every day not having to think, ‘Ah, I f*cked up today.’ I go through it too. I’m trying to share something honest and real with them.”

Enjoy the young maestro’s new album below!

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