Emorfik has released his wonky contribution to Disciple’s BIGGEST REMIX COMPETITION OF ALL TIME. The New York-based DJ and producer usually sticks to making original tracks, but after he saw Pray For Riddim as an option for Disciple’s contest, he couldn’t resist taking a stab at it.

Virtual Riot [has] been a huge inspiration to me ever since I started producing my own music four years ago. As soon as this remix competition was announced, [and] I saw Virtual Riot’s song Pray for Riddim as an option…I immediately picked that song. I haven’t really done a lot of remixes, but going into this one I felt very confident, and I’m super psyched about how it turned out. I wish the best of luck to all who submitted their remixes in the competition; this was stellar.” – Emorfik

Emorfik has made a name as an intense producer who focuses on taking audiences into a different world with his music. His unique personality also makes for some pretty fantastic social media content. Keep an eye out for more from this up-and-coming producer any day now.

You can check out Emorfik’s remix of Pray For Riddim down below!

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