synthe and goldwire are teaming up for an absolute slapper that is sure to make you rip out and throw the “Kitchen Sink”. Both artists have had a massive year and have also collaborated multiple times in the past. “Kitchen Sink” is so nasty and filth-fueled, it may even one-up their past musical collisions, of which synthe and goldwire have many.

The two booming up and comers and Spicy Bois favorites have hit the Wubaholics label, which has been cranking out hits as of late, to release their massive new collaboration. Employing sinister, rattling wubs throughout, this new smash is the perfect add to any and all headbangers’ playlists.

Check out what the two had to say about how their new bop came together and keep an ear out for more heat from both artists any day now.

“After sound haven was cancelled I decided rather than to eat my ticket, to still travel to Nashville and get out of Denver for the week. Steven (synthe) scooped me from the airport and took my to his homies place where everyone was still knocked out so we posted up on the kitchen island and opened up FL. Started the project there and the rest is history. We then finished it later that day in Stevens’ studio.” – Goldwire

“Kitchen Sink is definitely not our usual BPM. When Goldwire flew into Nashville, we instantly crafted the song. Kitchen Sink has a unique blend of mid-tempo swing and free form bass; Not something that you hear everyday. It’s the kind of song that will definitely make you dance.” -synthe


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