Kai Wachi released Run, featuring Dylan Mathew, back in March through the powerhouse that is Kannibalen Records, and now we’re getting a massive seven track remix EP with a wide variety of producers teaming up to put their personal twist on the poetic track. The original garnered huge success, amassing well over 1.5 million streams, and we are so excited for all seven of these remixes.

Leading off the EP with a melodic and stunningly euphoric interpretation of Run, is yetep. After the release of his debut EP, Here & Now, yetep has been earning more and more support as a producer this year. His contribution here will certainly not go unnoticed.

In similar, yet uniquely impactful fashions Hairitage, GLD, and Danny Olson, each presented equally emotional iterations of this track, using their producing abilities to highlight and draw out the raw emotions of the vocal performance of Dylan Mathew. Hairitage released his Freeway EP through Kannibalen over the summer and has since been a fan favorite among the growing influence of the label. GLD not only emphasizes emotion with a drawn out build up, but also incorporates genre-bending style with future bass, trap, and dub influences to give this track a forceful punch on the low-end. In a bubbly fashion, Danny Olson’s remix feels inspiring and uplifting, with builds and breaks limned by orchestral arrangements that are sure to leave butterflies in your stomach.

On the other side of the spectrum, UBUR gifted us a much harder take on Run. Focusing on wobbly bass design, UBUR wanted to push riddim into a futuristic tearout direction,  “So a lot of people are talking about future Riddim and how that’s sort of like a new wave of music by incorporating more melodic aspects into the sound design.  So I wanted to see if I could incorporate that into a heavier dubstep/tearout sort of sound.  As a result I think this may be one of the first Future Tearout tracks and it just worked great as a remix for Kai Wachi!

Bebi put together a trap influenced version of Run featuring a spacious bass design that brings a party vibe to this slapper.

And finally, Ruvlo managed to incorporate both an emotionally gripping build with a bone-shattering culmination of mechanically influenced bass leading to a wicked combination of genre influences. When asked the opportunity to participate in the EP, Ruvlo said, “It was such a pleasure to work on a remix for Kai Wachi- he is one of the first bass artists that got me into the music I’m making now and definitely was a huge influence early on. It’s crazy to think I met him at a show backstage about 3.5 years ago and asked him how he did the sound design for his song “RI$E” and here I am in 2020 talking to him as a peer and doing an official remix for him. 18 year old Ruvlo’s mind would be blown. It was also awesome working around Dylan Matthew’s vocals. He’s insanely talented and it was fun to create this balance of hard bass in the drop against his emotional vocals. Shoutout to Kannibalen Records 🙂”.

We are loving this EP and the variety of artists who were brought together by Kannibalen. Stream the Run – Remix EP down below, and let us know what your favorite remix is!

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