Seattle native Kumarion is on the cusp of blowing up big time. His summertime banger, “Want It”, became one of the anthems of 2020, out through the budding label Jadu Dala. Most of his discography is DnB, but with that being said, Kumarion is anything but afraid to experiment with different tempos and sounds.

Today, we receive a VIP (variation in production) edit of his undisputed banger. The “Want It” VIP stirs a healthy amount of spice into an already saucy tune. Kumarion takes a deeper and darker approach for this rendition. This VIP edit is part of an entire compilation of remixes coming out next month, which we can’t wait for!

“My VIP of Want It is live, the first of many variations you’ll hear in the coming weeks. This track helped launch my career and I’m extremely grateful for every artist & fan that’s supported it.” “I’m really glad I am able to share the love with some phenomenal producers that I’m honored to have on the remix compilation dropping next month. Shout out to the team who helped put this all together, and also every artist that played my song or entered the remix competition. Your support means to world to me!” – Kumarion

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