For volume twenty five of our HIHF guest mix series, we’ve got a seriously hot up and comer taking the decks. Today, we’ve got Killin’ Void bringing the absolute fuego for our newest guest mix!

The self-proclaimed ninja of sound, out of Salzberg, Austria, has been making a name for himself big time in 2020. He was chosen as one of the winners of Disciple’s remix contest for his rework of INFEKT‘s “Score” and also put out his Enlightenment EP on Chime‘s own Rushdown Records just a month ago.

Now, he’s bringing the heat for V25 of our HIHF guest mix series. It’s jam-packed with remixes and originals from Killin’ Void himself, as well as IDs from fellow up and comers like Papa Khan, Sharks, Skybreak and loads more. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did, check it out below and a huge thank you to Killin’ Void!

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1 MUST! DIE – Chaos (Killin’ Void Remix)
2. Sharks – ID
3 Nasko – Stay By My Side
4 Virtual Riot – Chop Chop (Killin’ Void Remix)
5 Killin’ Void – Now You’re Free
6 Valentino Khan – Pony (Eliminate Remix)
7 Myro – Playa (Killin’ Void Remix)
8 Chime – Surface (Killin’ Void Remix)

9 Eliminate – You’re Gonna Love Me (Sharks Remix)

10 Eliminate – You’re Gonna Love Me (Killin’ Void Remix)

11 Asteroid Afterparty – ID

12 Chibs – Crust and Jelly (Killin’ Void Remix)
13 Skybreak – ID
14 Cinema VS Griztronics (Killin’ Void edit)
15 Skybreak & Sharks – ID
16 Chime – Pixel Perfect (Killin’ Void Remix)
17 Asteroid Afterparty – Teleport
18 Crow & Levi – ID
19 Dirtyphonics – No Mercy (Killin’ Void & Barocka Remix)
20 Killin’ Void & iFeature – ID
21 12th Planet – RVD (Killin’ Void Remix)
22 Terravita & Bare – Aim To Kill (Killin’ Void & Reini Remix)
23 Papa Kahn – Rain
24 Sharks – Light
25 Sharks – Light (VIP)
26 – Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Dan Lee Remix)
27 Killin’ Void – The Gate
28 Leotrix- Emoboy303
29 Virtual Riot – Pray For Riddim (Killin’ Void Remix)
30 Midlex & Killin’ Void – Pandora
31 INFEKT – Score (Killin’ Void Remix)
32 BVSSIC – Disgust
33 Killin’ Void – All I Need

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