Anamanaguchi returns to the Monstercat label today, just two short weeks after their honored debut with the label. This time, they collaborated with renowned dubstep artist and pioneer, Flux Pavilion, to deliver their second single for Psyonix’s new mobile game, titled “Dreams.”  Their first single to the label and the game, titled “Water Resistant (feat.8485)” sits alongside the new track and was fueled by hyper-pop vibes.

The four-piece band from New York and Los Angeles, Anamanaguchi, has big plans for the next year and offers these two tracks as a primer for their upcoming live experience in 2022. The band produced an entire soundtrack to the “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” game in 2010 and will be performing the full video game soundtrack for the first time to audiences in multiple locations throughout California.

Anamanaguchi has indefinitely made a name for themselves in the gaming space with their chiptune music, combining a loud and fast live band with hyper-melodic squarewaves from hacked Nintendo hardware.

They’ve had many accomplishments in recent years, notably in 2016 when they parodied corporate gaming culture by creating a free game, including an original full-length soundtrack titled “Capsule Silence XXIV.” Anamanaguchi also produced an official remix in 2020 for the OG electro-house maestro, Porter Robinson.

Flux Pavilion continues to take a step towards his new, more melodic direction with this collaborative single, after announcing his decision to step away from Dubstep earlier in the year. Flux seems to have no boundaries in terms of production. Over the last five years, he has grown in his live performances, adding live guitar, synth, and vocals to his sets. These musical elements can be heard throughout his most recent album, “.wav” out on Circus Records.

Anamanaguchi and Flux brilliantly deliver an emotional electro-pop track with classic high-pitched synthesizers and a dramatic build-up. The combination of soft vocals, synthesizers and fast-paced bassline spark the old-school electronic rave energy that gets the crowd jumping every time. You can hear the European vibes emitting from Flux Pavilion, while simultaneously being immersed in the ethereal vocals of Anamanaguchi. “Dreams” is an awe-inspiring track produced by the two acts, and a magnificent foreshadowing for their recent announcements in their careers.

Here’s what Flux had to say about their epic new collaboration track:

 “A sweeping love song like the moments after your first kiss.” – Flux Pavilion

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