ADEY8 is an up and comer who’s got his pedal on the metal. The Bass producer is dead-set on taking us into the deepest parts of the graveyard with his diabolical tunes. With thirty thousand streams on his debut album, support from the likes of Pixel Terror, Herobust and more, this Metal turned Bass-head is bringing the heat!

Today, we are happy to help premiere ADEY8’s newest work and it is a SLAPPER! On his filthy new release, “Necromancy”, ADEY8 brings out all the stops.

This dubious and dark banger is the perfect introduction to ADEY8 if you aren’t yet familiar. Showing off his ability to transport listeners to a different world and create a bone-shattering soundscape, this one is sure to be blasted on big systems next year!

With a heavy midtempo vibe, fans of REZZ, Blanke, or 1788-L are sure to love “Necromancy” as well as the rest of ADEY8’s work. Let us know your thoughts about his wicked new tune down below in the comments and also be sure to show ADEY8 love on socials!

Here’s what he had to say about his brand new release: “Over the last 5 years i’ve experienced a great deal of loss. Several Grandparents, family members, and even my best friend. Some lost to diseases, others car crashes, and even accidental overdoses. I realized that I buried these emotions andover the years they’ve festered and surfaced here and there in ways such as anger, drinking, addiction etc. Fortunate for myself I’m now two years sober and focusing all my attention, emotion, and dedication to music.

Necromancy: the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future. The dark tones, eerie sounds, and heavy basses were formed by channeling those emotions I suppressed over the years. I used them to create this dark track. Now that its done, I almost feel a sense of closure and relief. I hope others might find the same.” – ADEY8

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