Two electronic music veterans collide! The Burner Brothers and ill-esha are dropping their new single “Live Again”  this Friday – November 13th, but we teamed up with them for a premiere and early listen.

As trailblazers of the Drum and Bass sound, The Burner Brothers have been crushing dance floors since New York’s Direct Drive parties from the nineties.

The group – comprised of original members DJ Seen and CT Burners – has cultivated a name through their electric and intense live sets, and the latest track is just a brief entry amongst a storied career.

Alongside the duo is longtime bass producer and vocalist ill-esha – an esteemed Canadian international artist who has been making waves in the bass world since the early 2000s. We had ill-esha as one of the headliners for our inaugural Cabin Fever Festival, this August. She provided one of the most exhilarating sets of the fundraiser-livestream, which benefitted The Innocence Project.

ill-esha is notorious for blending genres. Her unique style and talent for simultaneous singing and production has paved the way for many indie influences contributing to the modern future bass sound.

Despite their shared background in bass, “Live Again” is a unique departure from the artists’ traditional styles of production. Featuring an airy and pop-oriented sound, the uplifting track floats ill-esha’s anthemic vocals over feverish beats, eastern-influenced instrumentals, and twinkling drops.

We had the opportunity to catch up with The Burner Brothers before the release in an exclusive interview. Check it out below!

HIHF: How did the two of you first meet/connect?

The Burner Brothers: We met at the local skateboarding spot aka Cloth World in a small strip mall in between our two neighborhoods around 1993. Both of us were already going to parties particularly NASA every weekend but had never met.

H: Who are a few of your musical inspirations?

BB: We are both really into the Manchester music scene (Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Pulp, The Charlatans) but some of our older influences were UK guys like Andy C, Mampi Swift, Randal, Kenny Ken, and DJ SS. We also grew up with house music legend Junior Sanchez who had a huge influence on us getting into producing our own material.

H: You guys said you’ve known ill-Esha for ‘decades’, when did you first meet her?

BB: We met ill-Esha when we were playing on the west coast in the mid to late nineties. I believe we chilled in Vancouver and Seattle together and then she was in NYC playing a bunch of shows shortly after. It’s all a bit blurry though so don’t hold us to the accuracy of that.

H: What was working on this track with ill-Esha like? tell us about your creative process on this one.

BB: CT had a few halftime demos that he wanted to try and incorporate into the project but was having trouble developing them, as our music usually tends to be fast and aggressive. We’ve been wanting to work with her for a long time so we sent them over. She picked one and immediately knocked out a ton of synth and vocal parts. It was pretty shocking how quickly she works and the product she delivers. After that we just did some fine-tuning on the structure, arrangement, and mix and it was a wrap.

H: What can you tell us about the slow and steady rise of DnB in the US?

BB: This has been probably one of the slowest electronic music genres to take hold in America; it had a really nice run between 1994 – 2005, as the sound was still new and developing. There were massive shows being booked with tons of UK headliners in all of the major cities. Conferences like WMC and SXSW also played a huge part in that period of time. While American dnb dj’s and producers were congregating to see all of this talent from oversees play they were also networking and developing a scene of their own. It was a really magical time to be a part of the scene. Although there was a slowdown during the rise of dubstep and the EDM movement lately bigger promotion companies have really been taking steps to book drum and bass at the bigger festivals in America and has helped the momentum of our scene once again. American dnb is back and stronger than it has ever been mainly due to the influx of new blood, which has energized all of us.

H: Who are some up and coming DnB names you think the scene should look out for?

BB: There are so many to name but here are a few artists that we are enjoying now: ASHFLO, Winslow, ESKR, Dextramorpheus, Dropset, Bou, Kumarion, Dr. Apollo

H: What do you want fans to know about your upcoming debut LP?

BB: We want everyone to know that our love for drum and bass and all of its different sub genres is truly genuine. The Burner Brothers don’t just stick to one particular sound and we try and showcase that in our live sets. We wanted to break out of our comfort zone of writing singles and put together a complete body of work that embodies what we love about this music. Lastly, it’s an ode to all of the artists featured on the album. Not only are we huge fans of all of them, without their friendship and guidance over the years this album would have never been created.

H: What are you doing in lieu of live performances in 2020? How are you spending your year socially distant/different than usual?

BB: We’ve done some live streams and prerecorded dj mixes for a few media outlets. The album release has been our main priority and being that we are releasing it on our own label it’s double the amount of work. Creatively we’re back in the studio writing new material and also doing some production on TV and film projects. Other than that we’ve been trying to spend as much time in the outdoors with our significant others, our dogs, and our close friends. Just focusing on the good things in life…

H: Well we love to hear that. Last one – What’s the most memorable show or festival you’ve played over the span of your tenured career?

We’ve had so many memorable shows but some of the highlights would be the Eden Festival in the dessert, all of the one-offs in legendary NYC clubs like Webster Hall, The Limelight, Roxy, and Twilo but we cannot forget the smaller weeklies all over the US. Our residency for Direct Drive was some of the craziest nights we’ve ever had. DJ Seoul brought the who’s-who of drum and bass to that party every Saturday night! Being able to open/ close for them and then spend the late night (early morning) partying with all of them really shaped us as the DJ’s and producers we are now.

“Live Again” will be out everywhere this Friday via Patrol the Skies! Keep on the lookout for their upcoming LP, and enjoy the upcoming single in the meantime! Big thank you to The Burner Brothers for the exclusive chat!


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