Hukae has carved out a name for himself in this ever-changing world of bass music. Through hard hitting, unique Dubstep masterpieces, Hukae has been a constant one to watch over the past couple of years. Massive tunes of his like “Boingo”, “Salt Smash”, and “Dirty Talk” were staples of main stage sets at huge festivals like Lost Lands, Bass Canyon and more.

Today, the young producer is adding more fire to his constantly growing collection of heaters.

Hukae is dabbling in that explosive new future riddim sound, that has been pushed into the mainstream and popularlized by producers like Oolacile, Papa Khan, Ace Aura and tons more, while still bringing out his own burley, innovative sound.. On his aptly titled ‘Future’ EP, Hukae is taking out all the stops.

The EP starts with a doozy with…. well… “Doozy”, a wall-breaking tune that is both inventive and heavy. Following is “Sad Socks”, where Hukae tries his hand at some ‘future riddim’ and the result is awe-inspiring insanity.

Next is “Encrypt”, another ‘future riddim’ effort, that feels like a glimpse into the world’s smartest super-computer. To finish off the EP, the young artist shows off his production prowess with “Good Joke”. The closing tune is a great example of a tune that is technically in-depth as well as a filthy headbanger’s anthem.

Out now on Never Say Die: Black Label, which new Hukae tune was your favorite? Let us know below in the comments.

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