Hailing from South East London, TroyBoi has been making his mark on the music industry since 2010. TroyBoi is consistent with dropping innovative heaters that keep listeners on their toes. His latest effort ventured into his Hip Hop side titled, “Lemme See”, which surfaced back in May. He also appeared on Louis The Child’s most recent project, Candy II, on their collaboration track “Fresh Juice”.

Today, TroyBoi is returning to his fans with a new exotic anthem titled “Mother Africa”. During a time when many of us feel stagnant, this release allows us to escape reality and be transported into the enchanting depths of a tropical setting. The steady beat and play on melodies makes for a dreamy track that provides us with the opportunity to relax our minds.

TroyBoi continues to keep fans guessing what’s next with his eclectic releases, proving he is not afraid to venture into uncharted territory. We are loving the way this banger makes us feel on this Friday morning.

What do you think of his latest single? Let us know in the comments below! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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