In a time period where negativity reigns supreme, Levity is on a mission to make you smile. The common denominator of their music is euphoria. Originating from Chicago and L.A., the duos melting pot of inspirations helps influence their joyful sound.

Their newest remix of 2 Man Embassy and Silent Child’s “Here” comes to us via the championed Mr.SuicideSheep, and their label Found/Red. Levity delivers restorative energy and jubilant soundscapes on this new effort. Their rendition of “Here” takes a different approach to the laid back original tune. Satisfy your eardrums with this forward-thinking remix and let us know what you thought down below in the comments .

We had the pleasure of chatting with Levity about their new release and what’s going on in their life, check it out below!


What do you want your fans to know about your remix of “Here”?

Levity: With official remixes, one of our favorite things to do is completely change the energy and feeling of the song. The original is a little slow and sad at times and then picks up into a sort of epic and powerful feeling at the drop. So with this one, we wanted to change it into a more energetic, happy, and fun song. We listen to both in our free time depending on what emotions we want to feel at the time, and that’s exactly what we wanted to give the listeners. We wanted to give them the same song they can sing along to but have the option to choose how they want to feel at that time! The original is absolutely incredible by the way, if you haven’t heard it, please check it out too!

How did you connect with Mr.SucideSheep?

L: The label that the original and our remix came out on, Found/Red, is one of MrSuicideSheeps labels! We were among some other amazingly talented artists who were asked by 2 Man Embassy (2ME) to make a remix for the song. We got a call one day from Blake Martin of 2 Man Embassy that the label loved our remix and wanted to use it for their Compilation album “FLEECE”. We were excited to say the least! The Found/Red and MrSuicideSheep people have been amazing to work with and we’re super thankful that they and 2ME loved the song so much!

Any advice on how to stay positive in such a stressful time?

L: Stay busy and healthy! Now is the perfect time to try anything you’ve wanted to try! Even if it just means learning about that thing you wanna try! FaceTime your friends, catch up with old ones, reach out to people you want to reconnect with! And definitely get some exercise in! Go on a walk/run outside and if it’s too cold, try working out inside. There’s tons of great workout videos for being stuck at home with no equipment! That’s all the stuff we’ve been doing and have found it all to keep our spirits high during this! Just remember we are all in this together and to stay in touch with loved ones!

Who are some up and comers you’ve been listening to lately?

L: The two we’ve been loving the most and have been inspiring us the most are:

Conrad (@hey_conrad)

Staygold (@stygldmusic)

And some others that we’ve been loving are:

Cudos (@cudosmusic)

Daniel Allan (@danielallanmusic)

Brunchbeatz (@brunchbeatz)

Tvvin (@tvvin.oc)

What would a dream collab be for you two?

L: Production wise, it’s very hard to choose since we have so many people we want to work with, but we would say one of our top dream collabs would be with Griz! We love all of his music! His production and music are on a level that we hope to reach one day. Just being able to be in the studio with him would be a dream come true to us! Another one would be Odesza as well! I’d say 30% of the time we sit down to make music, we end up making some very dreamy and happy Odesza-type track, and with a lot of our releases you can hear the influence at times, especially our breakdowns/builds! We think we could make something beautiful with them!

As for a singer/songwriter, we’ve always wanted to work with Ashe! She has such an amazing and soothing voice and her songwriting has always inspired us! Will definitely be trying to work with her down the road and make something fun!

Special thanks to Levity for chatting with us!

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