Jeffufu is a name that is slowly and surely coming up in the fast moving world of bass music. The multi-talented producer was featured in our Cabin Fever Festival digital livestream earlier this year, which also hosted ill.gates, AHEE, VibeSquad, Sam Lamar and more, and has performed at loads of other virtual festivals throughout 2020. He also opened for The Widdler for SUM R&R’s third anniversary party.

Today, we are teaming up with Jeffufu to premiere his nasty new track, “Purple”, out now through the Tampa-based SUM R&R. This new banger is a gruesome and filthy look into the mind of Jeffufu and is a great add to any bass fans playlist.

This wobble-fueled soundscape is the perfect example of Jeffufu’s production prowess and it’s clear the up and comer has a massive future ahead of him.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Jeffufu about the new release and what he’s been up to this year. Check out the exclusive HIHF interview below and be sure to let us know what you thought of the new fire down in the comments or on our socials. We hope you enjoyed “Purple” as much as we did!

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HIHF: Who are a couple of your musical inspirations?

Jeffufu: I’m an avid classic rock fan like Rush and The Police but if I where to go deeper into my experimental roots, I’m a big fan of Bill Laswell. His project Praxis with Buckethead was a huge statement to what experimentation can lead to.

How did you get connected with SUM R&R?

I first met the head of SUM R&R through a good friend of mine who goes by Caryer. I played one of his shows he hosted back in 2018 at Tampa Karaoke VIP lounge.

Tell us about their 3yr anniversary show and when you opened for The Widdler (pictured below)

If you want to talk about a well organized event, that was exactly what the anniversary was. It was socially distanced properly and was a fantastic time. Having been cooking up all of quarantine I got to unleash some hefty plates for everyone and it made me remember why I’ve been relentlessly making tunes.

What’s in store for the Jeffufu project for 2021?

Expect to see a lot of growth from 2020. I’ve had an immense amount of time locked in my studio learning new techniques and I can’t wait to unleash my arsenal for everyone to hear. If there’s anything that I’ve taken from these quarreling times we’ve faced is although we make progress don’t let it stop there, keep pushing deeper because you’ll never what you’ll find along the way.

How’d you first get involved in the dance music scene? What was your first show?

Back in 2015 I ended up buying my first daw with a very narrow mindset but Caryer put me onto some sounds of the underground scene. So when I turned 18 he took me to my first show and the headliner was Eazybaked and I was hooked.

What do you want fans to know about this new release?

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while and have been looking for the perfect place to showcase this piece. I sent it to Sum R&R confidently knowing that this would be the perfect home for it. This song is 140 sound system culture and expect it to be played in some hot mixes.

Big thank you to Jeffufu and his team for coordinating this, be sure to support him on socials!

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