It’s a great day for bass music! Many of us have been awaiting the huge unveiling of Subtronics’ new label, Cyclops Recordings. Along with this great news, fans are also treated with the fresh inaugural three-part compilation album Boot Camp. Feast your ears, the Cyclops Army is storming the beaches!

Subtronics has been a dominating force over the past couple years, working closely with dubstep goliaths such as Excision, Ganja White Night, and Boogie T. After releasing on both SubCarbon and Drama Club, fans are stoked to be expecting more Subtronics music brought to us by his own power house label.  

If you are a Twitter user, you probably noticed in the beginning of December many producers received a mysterious email signed with a red symbol. Artists like Chee, Al Ross, and Leotrix shared screenshots of an email reading “Your first mission launches soon” — reminiscent of some sort of Hunger Games invitation. No one quite expected this cryptic message to launch a new dubstep and bass music label! Hats off to the marketing strategy, its well deserved

“Tractor Beam” by Subtronics blasts tons of tasty bass textures and ripples through your soul in this spicy late night tune. Filled with those weird and wonky vibes of Subtronics’ EDC LV livestream in May, this is a tasty new banger from the Cyclops Army general himself.  

My definite favorite from the Boot Camp compilation was “Killjoy” by EAZYBAKED x MOLOKAI x Saka. “Killjoy” serves as a classic cypher of bass frequencies and intricate grooves over a sharp beat. You can individually identify which chorus each artist took over: starting with a stunning array of wompy wobbles from the EAZYBAKED boys, sliding into the colossus of crunch MOLOKAI taking the reins on some white noise flutters and crunchy goodness, with a strong finish by Saka and his deadly trap wubs. I’ll be listening to this one on repeat all month long, without a doubt.

“On The Block” by G-Space x Cavemen brings classic G-Space melodies along with those deep minimal wobbles both artists are known for to the table. Awesome percussion and dark cuts will for sure make your whole body groove along till the sun rises. I can’t wait to catch this one dropped on a proper sound system.     

“Gaussian Traveler” by Nosphere morphs from eerie, spooky trap right into wonky, heavy dubstep smoother than butter melting in the middle of the lot. The vibe is thick and a definite neck-breaker, which is very appropriately categorized under the Heavy Artillery section of releases. 

To round out my selections we come to “Swing” by smith. A staple in deep dub, new smith. songs are always tasty treats for bass fans across the country. Blessing us with this deep & murky dub plate, smith. flexes what he’s been cooking up lately on this epic new cut. “Swing” will get all you booty shakers and dub heads acting wild for sure.

It’s going to be great seeing Subtronics embrace these weird late night noises once festival season rolls around. After throwing down a filthy experimental-bass heavy set at Okeechobee 2020 and headlining multiple drive-in shows, he is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in Dubstep. Congrats to Subtronics for founding this new home for both heavy hitters and weird wonky bass alike, we are absolutely thrilled to see what him and his Cyclops Army conquer next!




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