FunkStatik closes out a busy 2020 release calendar with their brand new, ethereal Depths of Space EP!

Starting the year with another comprehensive release in Awaken Your Senses, the latest EP is a logical conclusion to a fast-paced string of releases.

Depths of Space continues the trend of collaborations for FunkStatic with Lana Eucalyptus coopting the EP’s closer “Fire Fly.” Throughout the year, the enigmatic bass producer has similarly brought familiars such as Marvel Years and Homemade Spaceship into the fold. Lana also opened the year alongside FunkStatic on “Into the Forest.”

The EP is a cohesive but diverse grouping of tracks brought together under an interstellar umbrella.

Consistent bass sounds make each successive track feel familiar: the bounce beat vibes of “Discovery” and “Time Is An Illusion” create a linear journey for the sonic space odyssey.

No track is as unique as the aforementioned “Fire Fly” whose uptempo bass and twinkling synths create a finely cultivated, interplanetary culture.

“Realizing you are on a new path discovering vast new uncharted galaxies. A metaphor for understanding how deep we really are if we take the dive. Finding ourselves through music and art.” — FunkStatik

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