Slang Dogs followed up their recent Sacrament EP with a sinister spiritual sequel through Electric Hawk!

The heavy hitting bass duo – comprised of Dario Pedracci and David Rangel – have toyed with experimental integrations of dubstep, trap, and drum ‘n’ bass since slithering onto the scene in 2018.

Their visceral, nightmarish sensibilities have crafted a unique pocket of bass music for the duo to explore and innovate. The latest release, a four-track EP titled Reckoning of Endal, encapsulates their dark, esoteric style succinctly.

Opening with the ominous chant-like introduction of “Fires Path,” the track quickly builds steam through heavy percussion and warped bass tones.

Following is “Crypt”: aptly named for its sinister, reverberating vibes. This gritty, subterranean banger resists the explosive urges of its predecessor in exchange for a hypnotic half-time beat.

The growling bass of “Summon” makes for a brooding tune whose DnB-inspired percussion toes the line of breakbeat while maintaining a creative lens of doom and gloom.

Finally, the orchestral musings of “Endal” bring the EP to a close. Wistful violins float through a soundscape of chilling synths before giving way to a retrograde, industrial bass drop. “Endal” is perhaps the most unique track featured on the EP as the versatile and conflicting choices of instrumentation create a haunting enchantment.

While we are in the midst of the traditional holiday season, Slang Dogs are already thinking ahead to next Halloween with their terrifically terrifying EP. Let us know what you think of the latest in the comments!

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