Grab a glass of milk and sit down, this new spice from outer space is gonna blow your socks off! Space Wizard is back to release his debut EP, The Marble Room, with support from Subtronics and Cyclops Recordings

The long awaited debut project from Space Wizard is finally here! This level up in sound which also has an original story with visuals to go along with the music, will teleport you into a whole other realm.  “The Marble Room is what I feel like my entire career has led up to. Everything from the artwork to the risers in the song had the same amount of detail and effort put into them to create my most comprehensive piece of art yet. The EP and the ideas surrounding it have been in my head for years and I can’t wait for you to finally hear them. It all begins in The Marble Room.” 

Recently, Space Wizard has been on a hot streak of huge releases, working with labels including Excision’s Subsidia, Subtronics’ Cyclops Recordings and Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan. This triple threat EP demonstrates the quickly rising producer’s technical ability and avant garde creativity. 

The first track, “The Marble Room”, is a modern combination of gritty bass and monstrous womps, set deep in outer space that swallows you into a bass filled wormhole. Space Wizard’s extra terrestrial vibes and extra healthy dubstep are sure to make your skin crawl in this heavy yet sleek masterpiece. 

The second track, “Deactivation Sequence”, with MOLOKAI, is an utterly awesome halftime jazzy sludge-type beat. This crazy unique anthem is oozing with radioactive energy so infectious you’ll be melted away as you boogie. 

And the final track, “Corrupt Butterflies”, is this tasty dubplate gushing with fluttering subbass, these late night rollers will have you tingling from ears to toes. The swampy sound design and layers of rippling bass make me feel like I’m a man made of jello. 

Be sure to visit The Marble Room today for tons of out-of-this-world, creative vibes! 

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