Mersiv has been spoiling his fans with music all throughout 2020. His fourteenth and last release of the year isn’t really new at all. Initially debuted in his “Shambhala 2019 Mix Series” mix, fans have been craving his remix of Saint Sinner’s and Supertask’s “Get To You”  for many moons.

Angelic synths set the track in motion as Saint Sinner’s voice guides you towards weaving bass. Somewhere in between downtempo and uptempo, his “Get To You”  remix satisfies on all fronts. This gift of a tune is accompanied by an incredible music video featuring the ever talented dancer, Dorka Fetter.

“This track is incredibly special to me and felt like the perfect way to welcome in the new year.” – Mersiv

Did you enjoy Mersiv’s highly anticipated “Get To You” remix as much as we did? Let us know down below in the comments or on our socials. Happy new years!

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