AHEE has done it again and brought some seriously savage heat to his quickly growing fanbase. His newest EP “Animals” just dropped with ill.Gates’ label Producer Dojo, out everywhere now.

This four track trip takes listeners through a glitchy, psychedelic safari of feral noises and fierce beats. AHEE has had recent releases with Subsidia, Circus Records, UKF and Gravitas Records and we hosted him as a headliner for our Cabin Fever Festival fundraiser/livestream this summer alongside ill.gates, ill-esha, Sam Lamar, VibeSquaD, Tripzy Leary and loads more.

Following AHEE’s Future Escape EP off of Flux Pavilion and Doctor P’s legendary Circus Records, fans are sure to be blown away by his newest work on the “Animals” EP.

AHEE has a way of making great melodies sit beautifully atop a sea of booming bass and other extremely fun noises. Besides making dance-floor bangers and DJing around the country, AHEE is also a proficient sample maker and tutorial maestro. His educational presence on YouTube has helped thousands of producers learn impactful information for free. AHEE also makes Ableton templates and racks, Serum and Vital presets, and sample packs on multiple platforms for the music community to indulge. He’s literally a blessing to the entire music scene.

This particular project highlights a lot of complicated digital synth work, exciting atmospheres, glitchy and drippy goodness, and enormous vibes from AHEE. Here’s our favorite moments from the “Animals” EP.

”10 Foot Tarantula” is filled with fuzzy white noise bass, record scratches, and other fluttery goodness that massages your brain and tickles your ears. We can’t wait to feel this one on a big sound rig soon!

“Jungle Dragon Beat” is a mid-tempo diamond. Wonky gritty and upbeat, this banger is a wonderful dance number. AHEE’s recognizably crispy drums mixed with some phat riddim wubs will drive your whole body to a boogie.  

“Night Monkey” reminds me of an otherworldly jungle, filled with primal and sinister energies. A fresh blend of tribal melodies and hypnotic synths that takes you up in energy and then gently brings you into a fun playground of psychedelic sounds. The huge late night vibes are sure to captivate dancefloors across the world. 

“Ostrich Banana Zone” brings that goofy, floppy sounding dubstep that’s super bouncy and lively. Such a fun tune with truly awesome sound design everywhere! 

We were so stoked on this release Heard It Here First reached out and connected with AHEE himself. We had the pleasure of conducting a small interview with the talented artist, check out the tea below! 

HIHF: What do you want fans to know about the new Animals EP?

AHEE: “Wassup Aliens! It’s a super fun take on glitch hop with unique sound design that will get you going wild!

HIHF: How did you connect with Producer Dojo and Ill.Gates?

AHEE: “I met iLL.Gates when I was touring & making music for Lucent Dossier Experience in 2015.  We played some shows together w/ Dylan and we have stayed in contact since.

HIHF: We’ve seen lots of genres mastered by the AHEE project, and we were wondering how you go about thinking of beat and tempo, or genres, when compiling an EP or Album. Do you set creative limits or expectations for the release as a whole, or do you take a more fluid and open approach?

AHEE: “I’m inspired by so many things all the time, so I have huge lists of unreleased songs in several genres/styles, so once I talk w/ a label about what songs they like, I’ll gather similar songs and put them together as an album or EP.

HIHF: What was the inspiration for “Night Monkey”?

AHEE: “That song started off with me playing the main melodic riff on my Prophet X synth, then everything else in the song formed around that main line.  I’m just constantly creating so when I find a nugget of music that sounds interesting to me, the inspiration just kicks in and I flow with it until the song comes out.” 

HIHF: Do you have any advice for producers hoping to become independent artists and live off their work? We know you educate a lot, which is amazing and so extremely helpful. We’ve seen that one can make some funds by teaching or sharing knowledge but what’s your hot take on ditching the day job to become a somewhat stable artist?

AHEE: “I had a day job in high school delivering pizza, and after that I decided to never take a job unless it was creative, I had to break that sometimes like working at a farmers market, and at times I was just so broke, but I didn’t spend money on bad habits, it came down to me actively looking for creative work, like doing artwork for festivals like “Serenity Gathering”, running lighting at a 360 degree dome venue, working on Max/MSP programming for this thing called “Spaceharp”, making music for an Avant-garde circus troupe. I always choose gig work so I didn’t end up getting stuck in a job and not leaving because it was stable money. It was a less secure choice at the time, but I had so little overhead in my lifestyle choices and I’m super frugal that I was ok with that. Then I used all my free time & creativity to come up w/ ways to make $ by studying how others were doing it, then just applying it step by step in my own life.  Constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone.”

HIHF: Where’s your favorite place to catch live music and why?

AHEE: “Not sure if I can answer that fully, maybe ask me next year, but I love music festivals because I can discover something in its highest quality that I might not have listened to away from large speakers.

HIHF: Who are a couple of your biggest musical inspirations?

AHEE: “Skrillex, Aphex Twin, Bassnectar, Prodigy

HIHF: What’s on tap for 2021 for the AHEE project?

AHEE: “I have some huge releases with big labels/artists planned for 2021 that I’m super stoked on!

If you like “Animals” be on the lookout for virtual streams AHEE is a part of, check out his other project (big positive energy vibes) Heartwurkz, or maybe even check out his YouTube page! We will be dancing our socks off to “Animals” all month long over at HIHF! 

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