Freddy Todd is a renowned bass music producer who has been one of the most exciting names to watch grow over the past few years. The Detroit native has played loads of festival stages, ranging from Bonnaroo to Wakaan Fest to 515 Alive, and tons more.

Today, he’s bringing fans his highly anticipated Moonflavours II album. It’s a perfect glimpse into the brilliant mind of Todd and new fans and fans of the original alike will be blown away by the new twelve track project.

The new album is meant to express the stress of the times, with COVID and an intense atmosphere in our country that has everyone on their toes constantly. Moonflavours II takes you away from the madness and provides a brief escape for the listener, a deep dive into boisterous and delightful sound.

Check out what Freddy Todd had to say about his new work below in this brand new, exclusive Heard It Here First interview with the talented producer.

How have you been using this time without live performances?

I’ve been writing a lot of music! And spending a lot of time with my cat.

Who are a few of your musical inspirations?

They’re constantly changing but I’d say right now my top favs are: Tierra Whack, Jimmy Edgar, A.G. Cook, Gunna, Machinedrum, Louis Cole, Seal, Yung Hurn, Tame Impala, Arca, Oneohtrix Point Never, Dorian Concept

What is in store for the rest of 2021 for Freddy Todd?

Hopefully releasing a LOT more music, as I’ve written a ton.

Any upcoming collaborations or things in the works you can tell us about?

My collaborative project with Of The Trees called BLAAP featuring Nat Nat on vocals will be a fun eventual release. I also have a more vocal-oriented album I’m preparing that features myself on vocals and a handful of talented vocalist women.

What do you want fans to know about Moonflavours II?

This is a project dear to my heart that has been in the works basically since after the last Moonflavours released in April of 2013. The first Moonflavours in 2013 was my outlet to release more melodic and colorful aesthetics with less harsh bass music, as most of my mainstay FT releases are hectic loud bassy dance oriented music with tons of sound design. I wanted an outlet to do whatever I wanted sonically and not worry about the dancefloor while flexing fun melodies and diving into other genres.

That being said, Moonflavours II contains tracks dating back at least 6+ years, as well as a handful of ones I wrote in the past year during the pandemic, and a plethora in between. This series is never a project I’ve wanted to rush, hence the 8 years in between installment releases. I self-released the first Moonflavours and thus have decided to continue that tradition with this one. I also did everything else in house: wrote, recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered the entire album myself, which is actually the first time I’ve mastered my own release, and like I said will be releasing it myself.

The art is also special because my dear friend Stephen Kruse, who is an old Michigan friend (who now lives in Colorado and is a pretty well known artist at this point), did the original 2013 Moonflavours digi 8 bit heart moon album art so I had to tap him for the current art which he did an absolute fantastic job on. My visual guy Wes Goodkinghippo Harden who has been on my team since day 1 collaborated on finishing the art by cropping and fashioning the lettering and positioning.

Stream the first Moonflavours here

What’s the significance of releasing on ‘the wolf moon’?

It is the first full moon of 2021 and only seems like the right move for a Moonflavours release. My manager Tynan suggested it and it seemed like a great goal and deadline to finally get this 7+ years in the works album out! It will be a powerful and energetic night spanning from the 28th to the 29th.

What can you tell us about your time at Wakaan fest in 2019? We really enjoyed your set there!

Oh thank you! I did not sleep much because playing a late night Pipus tribute set and then having an earlier set the next day, with the time it takes to get down the mountain to the hotel to get my gear and come back, I really didn’t sleep before my set, so the ensuing day was a bit loopy which made it all the more fun! I had an excellent time because it was just banger set after banger set of my favorite artists and friends with almost 0 overlapping sets. I also love those grounds and that mountain as I had spent about 3 different magical summers worth of Wakarusa Festivals there, one of which I officially played on the bill.

What are a few words of inspiration you could give to up and coming producers?

The most important thing is to have fun! If at any point you’re not having any fun, maybe take a look at what you’re doing and why. Music is a sacred art and should come from your heart, whether your intentions are to have fun in your living room or have fun headlining a stadium. Which brings me to my second point, which ties into the first one, which is do not have any expectations. Have fun with making music and see what happens. I did not expect to be flying around playing shows for 10 years straight, but I put my music on the internet and the rest is history. Do not Not Have Fun in the pursuit of making a living out of making art. If you have to have a day job to make art, you should, because you need to survive and eat food and drink clean water in order to make art, which by the way, bottom line for me beyond having fun, it is a meditational vehicle that has really helped me cope with life and channel things.

What’s one interesting hobby you have that fans wouldn’t know unless someone asked you?

Maybe it’s been slightly apparent through my art through the years, but maybe not, but I’m really into history and researching the mysteries of the world and life itself. I might just be a self-proclaimed pseudo-<wbr />philosopher/archaeologist with a few of my buddies in my “free” time.

Well, thanks so much for chatting with us! Be sure to support Freddy on social media and check out his Moonflavours II.

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