Tampa, Florida based bass maestro Brian Oliveros, known to the bass world as Oli, is known for combining dubious bass music with flavorful hip-hop undertones. The budding artist has appeared on quickly growing labels in the past like Electric Hawk and Headbang Society.

Today, he is linking with Wubaholics, another impressive quickly growing label, for his newest single “RIP”.  Oli’s newest effort is a glimpse into his own production identity.

The tune starts out off quickly with driving bass and intricate percussion, carefully covered in vocal samples. It then kicks things up a notch, eventually deteriorating into an all-out filthy bass banger.

Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled on Oli for more new heat in the coming months! What did you think of his newest work? Let us know down below in the comments and we hope you enjoyed this narsty deep dive into bass as much as we did.

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