Skybreak is a unique talent in the world of Color Bass. The sub-genre’s name was coined by melodic dubstep maestro Chime in his interview with Willy Joy‘s Back to Back podcast a few years back. Since then Chime has recruited tons of artists to his own Rushdown label and tons of other labels, including Disciple and Oolacile‘s new Halcyon records are help pushing this futuristic sound upon the masses. Breakout stars like Ace Aura, Paper Skies, Papa Khan, Killin’ Void and loads more are captivating fans with their ‘Color Bass’ stylings and we are going to continue to see this movement grow and grow.

One of the many stars of the Color Bass sub-genre is Skybreak. He has released multiple times on Rushdown and even appeared on Disciple Round Table’s recent melodic showcase. His contribution, “Waterfall”, is an unbelievably stunning tune. It gracefully mixes Color Bass with the exploding ‘Future Riddim’ sound and even incorporates some wonderfully soulful piano parts. The song is one of my personal favorite tunes of 2020 and was featured in Paper Skies’ HIHF guest mix earlier this year.

Today, Skybreak is returning to Disciple for his debut Lumina EP. The new project shows off the young artist’s ingenuity in both melodic dubstep as well as the Color Bass subgenre.

Lumina features both Millenial Trash and Mizu on vocal efforts. Both artists absolutely stun, Millenial Trash with more of an angsty, pop-punk style and Mizu with more of a graceful, ethereal vocal effort. All four tracks are game-changers and further exemplify Skybreak’s production prowess, but our personal favorites were “Aurora” and “River Spirit”. Keeping uplifting yet still extremely filthy energy flowing throughout every track, fans of all styles of Dubstep will find a home within Skybreak’s new Lumina EP.

What did you think of Lumina? Let us know which track was your favorite below in the comments and keep an eye out for more melodic goodness from Skybreak!

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