ONHELL’s latest installment of his popular Remixtape series is back, remixing a massive collection of radio hits and underground anthems. Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, SZA, Paramore, Chief Keef, and Danny Brown are just some of the many artists remixed in this widely diverse project.

Since the first Remixtape Volume was released three years ago, the Los Angeles-based producer has been perfecting the balanced dualism in his sound design. In his latest work, right from the jump, the first two songs, “Beyonce – Drunk in Love (ONHELL Remix)” & “Future – Poppin Tags (ONHELL Remix),” give a clear example of the two sides of ONHELL’s production.

ONHELL has the sudden ability for one track to completely captivate you with melodic rhythms that will tickle your imagination. Then the next track will completely slather you with bass and fuel your adrenaline. All accompanied by distorted vocals to popular songs that will make you want to sing along.

Here are ONHELL’s thoughts on his Remixtape series:

“The party is not dead, it lives within us. The Remixtape series is going to live forever. Whether it’s a reimagined emo song or a club banger, they all go on the same god damn tape. I love remixing shit. I get to transform songs into something new. make something old fresh, or something new sound old.”

Remixtape Vol. III will be available for purchase on limited edition yellow cassette tape via Bandcamp. Only one hundred tapes will be available and are up for purchase now! Additionally, the Remixtape will be available for listening on SoundCloud.

It is evident that remixing tracks is a huge part of ONHELL’s identity and we are confident that we will see more installments to this series in the future!

What was your favorite track on Remixtape Vol. III? Let us know down below in the comments!

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