Over the past year, the bass scene has seen plenty of big surprises, ranging from the resurgence of hit-makers of the past to new names stepping up and dominating the scene.

Today, yet another surprise is unveiled. We are being given a wonderful mix by a surprising newcomer to the bass scene. Please welcome Komadoze to the stage as they drop some serious firepower!

Komadoze immerses you with all kinds of bass sounds for thirty-two straight minutes. The majority of these tracks are unreleased, and rightfully so. The intensity brought to the table is incredibly intact. And once it’s finished, it leaves you craving for more.

The uptempo madness that you have been looking for is shown all over this mix. The new mix also includes Komadoze’s collab with HIHF-favorite Ravenscoon. Although Komadoze’s sound is yet to be established, you can tell they’ve got big things ahead of them!

This is the perfect entrance for the Komadoze project, and we cannot wait to see what’s to come in the future! Check out the mix below and let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments below!

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