Today, the godfather of Wakaan and space bass don, Marin Stääf, also known as Liquid Stranger, graces his beloved fans with an absolute smasher of a tune titled “The Drill.” Following up on the recent remix LP for his 2020 hit “Psychonaut,” this is the first original tune we have received from Liquid Stranger this year.

“The Drill” is a ferocious heater right out of the gate! It makes you feel as if you’re soaring through outer space or drilling through the center of the earth. The initial drop has the firepower to send a crowd into a frenzy. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, a dark narration interrupts: “Connect the bass bins” sending listeners deeper into the thrilling sensations of Liquid Stranger’s iconic dubstep sounds. The entire song from start to finish will keep you excited, entertained, and energized.

This track could not have been released at a better time. With festival lineups dropping and the anticipation for live music to return, “The Drill” will get bassheads amped for the possibility of what’s to come. We are already itching for the opportunity to experience this track live!

“‘The Drill’ represents the sound piercing the silence as we break into the post-pandemic worlds. I’m excited to play this one out live for you all <3” – Liquid Stranger

Wakaan fans have a lot to look forward to this summer! First, this new track may be the gateway for more fresh releases from Liquid Stranger in 2021. Additionally, Liquid Stranger, alongside his Wakaan family, have already appeared on Imagine Music Festival and North Coast Music Festival lineups. Lastly, could we see the return of Wakaan Festival? Only time will tell but we are confident that Liquid Stranger will continue to be a leading force in dubstep culture for the foreseeable future.

What experiences did you have while listening to “The Drill”? Let us know in the comments!

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