With roots in Russia, Sasha Rome has been a boundary-pushing producer on the scene since 2017. Sasha Rome successfully collides Indie and Dance music to create a unique sound for his ever-growing audience. He is ultra-talented, with a knack for playing the guitar that incorporates an ethereal, spiritual dimension to his music. His previous boundary-pushing single, “I Need”, garnered over nine hundred thousand streams via Spotify.

Today, Sasha Rome is colliding with the broad-ranging Latin and Hip-Hop influenced singer/songwriter ero808. The two musical talents have collaborated to create the hit-to-be “Monochrome”. The listener is immediately greeted by stunning synths that build into a thumping percussion, demanding the audience’s attention. Sasha Rome stated, “I created the instrumental for this track to be an atmospheric house track that transports you to another world while keeping that Sasha Rome bounce.”

The emotional lyrics are executed with graceful authenticity. ero808 expressed that he derived his inspiration from a past relationship, “I wrote this song about finally leaving an abusive relationship I was in. I think the lyrics themselves can speak to the rest.”

We are loving this intense new industrial heater. How does Sasha Rome and ero808’s latest single make you feel? Let us know in the comments and Heard It Here First’s socials!

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