The two best buds, Bamby & Erwan aka Ganja White Night, deliver a treat to their fans on this high holy day, 4/20. Their latest album “Dark Wobble” is here to take listeners on a journey from beginning to end.

The ten track album feels like it takes on the best elements of their latest three albums “Mr. Wobble,” “The Origins,” and “The One” to supply the wildest and weirdest wobbles yet! Collaborations with fellow Subcarbon Records artists, Boogie T and SubDocta, are an added bonus to an already thrilling experience for dubstep fans.

Frequently their tracks will open up middle eastern orchestral layers that set an ominous but enticing tone. You almost begin to see the picture painted in your head. Tracks like “Narnia” and “Trinity” set an adventurous landscape to the ears.

The album also provides the deep layers of raw rippling gritty bass that provides tracks the sense of darkness. Tracks like “Shipwreck” and  “Master Kush” bring the heavy energy hitting eardrums with an emphatic boom when the bass takes over.

Lastly, is the final track of this cinematic record, “In the Cave of the Wobble King.” The track takes the sample of a very memorable symphony tune that pretty much everyone can hum along to. Then all of a sudden a hilarious and hyped vocal comes in saying:

“Oh ok, so this is it. You take that melody that everybody knows and turn it into a dubstep remix? Common dude. Huh you know what? It’s sick!”

And well yes, it is indeed sick! A super playful bouncy dubstep tune to cap off another masterpiece for the wobble masters.

It is evident that Ganja White Night has carved out their own piece of legendary status in the dubstep kingdom for their signature sounds. The more they continue to produce music the distinct sound design of wubs and wobbles continues to evolve into new experiences. There is this consistency in Ganja White Night’s bangers that just keeps fans continuing to come back for more.

A live experience of listening to these new Ganja tunes is what I think we are all waiting for! What did you think of the new album? Let us know in the comments!

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