Supported by the NYT Club, Wubaholics, and Badkill Records, Alpha Transmission is back with TRILLVO to transmit frequencies to the future realm with “Jasmine”. The DJ/Producer has been a supporting act for a plethora of up-and-coming bass icons including CVPTVGON, Chomppa, Abelation, and Blurrd Vzn, and is more than ready to take the wheel.

The Florida native returns to the scene with a melodic yet wonky track that will take you on a journey straight from your heart to your brain. Fueled by emotion, this tribunal anthem is dedicated to a dear friend, “Jasmine”, who was with the artist at the beginning of their career. This boundary-pushing release was touched by a variety of electronic sounds inspired by their powerful relationship.

The track begins with a harmonious relation of soothing piano paired with melodic glitch bass that builds up to an epic release of diabolical wonky bass. “Jasmine” is a full deliverance of heat and empathy directed from the creator.

Here’s a few words from Alpha Transmission in regards to this important new track:

 “There’s a lot of times where I just wonder where she is now and if she’s happy. I wrote this song thinking of her and hoping in some way, in the future, she sees it and knows her friends are still thinking of her and we love her regardless.“ – Alpha Transmission

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