James Fisher, better known as ALIGN, is a Chicago-based producer/DJ with an abstract field of vision that will transport you to other worlds. His music is a gift that paints, sculpts, and designs unique and alluring scenery that fills your body with warmth from head to toe. He will take you to your most desired space, whether that is on top of a mountain peak, submerged amongst crashing waves in the ocean, or above the clouds out floating throughout space. You may even recognize some of these releases from the hypnotic-electronic, curated Spotify playlists Brain Food or creamy. His tunes have also been used in Netflix’s TV series Lucifer.

Today, ALIGN debuts yet another exhilarating EP, with five beautiful tracks that will leave you completely washed away. Released through Lowly, Vista portrays the producer’s canvas as he constructs an intricate flow pattern full of the brightest colors and original designs.

He starts us off with “I’m Searching”, and begins the piece of art with spacey synths and euphoric vocals, that guiding us to an unknown reality. This magical opening track sets the mood for the rest of the EP, and effectively places us in the most blissful and animated setting, getting us ready for the journey to come.

The second track emerges us right to the edge of the world where the land meets the sea. “California Coast” brings the love through bubbly vocals delivered by Sarah de Warren, and puts our loved ones right next to us on this ride through the unimaginable. “Close” settles us into our bodies and brings the sunlight inwards as we begin to float away from the coast. This track is filled with calming future bass melodies and grants us the power to possibly one day reach nirvana.

“The Color of Your Thoughts” brings the vocal chops back into the mix with uplifting vibrations that carefully place you back onto your feet to dance. Listen on the beach or in the car, early in the morning or late at night, the vibe will take mold of your surroundings.

If you are still clutching onto anything else that is holding you down from the completely subliminal state, “Washing Away” will free you entirely. The last track off of the EP tickles the brain and reminds us how music can positively impact our mental state of being.

All five tracks from the Vista EP are magical, energizing, and transcendent. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or comment on our socials!

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