Chef Boyarbeatz is a name you need to know if you are a part of the bass scene in 2021. The artist is well known for his experimental and diverse stylings and has gained support from huge labels like Bassrush, Mad Zoo, and Space Yacht in the past.

The West Coast producer is also half of the group Broken Breaks and he has worked with fellow HIHF favorites in the past, collaborating with both ION and Sharrol Kelby. He’s also worked with Electric Hawk multiple times in the past, both releasing with them and performing at their In Unity online festival.

Today, we had the opportunity to chat with the booming up and comer before his Cabin Fever Festival performance. We hope to see you in the chat at 12:30 ET for Chef Boyarbeatz’ set! It will be filled with brand new and unreleased music from Chef B!


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H: Who are some of your musical inspirations? Who did you listen to growing up?

  • C: I legit have so many different musical inspirations and they’re constantly changing depending on what I’m into at the moment hahahaha. Currently deep in the 140 and DnB/breaks hole. Really inspired by Prophet, Ternion Sound, Drone, Gantz, Toka, Commodo, and Yoofee for the dub realm. For DnB stuff I’ve been insanely inspired by everything coming out of the Sofa Sound camp along with guys like Fixate, Limewax, Om Unit, Workforce, and Imanu. Outside of electronic music, I’m usually bumping Quasimoto, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

What about non-musical inspirations?

  • Honestly, everything inspires me whether it’s life events, people, tv/books etc.

How did you connect with Bassrush for their Prophecy compilation album?

  • I sent in a tune for Discovery Project back in 2018 when I was still attending Icon Collective. Shortly after Shai, who worked with Bassrush, hit me up to send over some music. I steadily sent stuff for awhile. I ran into her at the Koan Sound show in LA in 19’ and she hit me up again the next day inquiring about some tunes for a new compilation series they were doing. I had been sitting on Deep Space OG as it was my favorite tune at the time and they loved it! It’s funny because I had actually sent that tune originally to Mat Zo for the Mad Zoo comp but he never replied back after showing interest, and I actually ran into him at a Noisia show in LA which basically led to me sending “I Want The” and getting that signed.

What about Space Yacht, for your Consume EP?

  • Space Yacht has been really good to me over the last two years. I’ve played a handful of shows with them and they’ve been very supportive of the Chef project. I had been sitting on “Takin’ L’s” since Icon kind of just waiting for the right label or to finish a B-side rap tune to accompany it. I sent the tune over to them for one of their Tune Reactor shows and they loved it! They went through my folder of unreleased and picked CONSUME to follow it, which in my opinion is a really good fit for a B side.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

  • I’ve got two more singles to put out along with a remix for some really dope up and coming homies y’all know 🙂 On top of that, trying to finish up a four-track 140 EP that I’d like to send to some dream labels once that is complete. Besides that, just trying to survive life and keep creating hahaha.

Who would be a dream collaborator for you?

  • Honestly, Mat Zo would be up there. We’ve both kind of genre mavericks and I love dipping my feet in different vibes.

What about a dream venue or festival to perform at?

  • A dream venue would be Black Box or Red Rocks for sure. Dream festival would probably be Outlook, Shambhala, or Lightning in a Bottle.

As the number one Horchata stan on the internet, what is it that fuels your love for the unique beverage?

  • My insatiable thirst for moist liquids in my mouth 😉

What is one thing that fans wouldn’t know about you unless they asked? Maybe like a hobby or unique interest?

  • I like to read a lot!!! Currently re-reading my favorite book/series called Red Rising. Super interesting sci-fi series that’s incredibly well written. Book 5 is akin to Game of Thrones levels of death and destruction. Also, I love TV shows. If I’m not working on music I’m usually watching TV. I finally finished Naruto Shippuden, only took me 6 months with a few breaks hahahaha but so, so worth it. Huge fan of Arrested Development and Always Sunny though!

What can you tell fans about your upcoming Cabin Fever Festival performance? 

  • I’m playing an all-original set! Some remixes of other tunes but all production by myself, along with original visuals made by the homie squid emoji, VJ’d by my other homie diemt_visuals!! The mix is basically 80% unreleased stuff. Really hyped about it 🙂

What do you want fans to know about the Chef Boyarbeatz project?

  • I want fans to know I can hit any genre while still having a familiar feeling to each tune. Also to not take me too seriously. I’m a troll at heart trying to share my vision through sound and visuals.
Huge thank you to Chef Boyarbeatz for chatting with us before Cabin Fever Fest, see you in the chat!
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