Skybreak is a booming up-and-comer who has been demolishing the “color bass” scene over the past year. The term “color bass” was coined by Chime a few years back, alluding to beautiful, colorful dubstep stylings that were more upbeat and melodic and less atonal.

The young artist has blossomed over the past year, working with huge names and releasing on massive labels like Disciple, Stratos Union, and also Chime’s own Rushdown Records. We were lucky enough to tap Skybreak for the fifty-first edition of our guest mix series and he brought the absolute firepower on this one.

Check out what he had to say about the growing sub-genre and the mix below and we hope you enjoy this rocket ship launch of a mix as much as we did!

“I primarily write emotional melodic bass music with a bit of a dubstep twist. People have coined the terms Colour Bass, Melodic Riddim, Future Riddim, and many many more than I have space to tell you about, hahaha! But whatever you wanna call it, it’s a lot of fun to make and even more fun to listen to! I love this genre to bits, because while you can still get the energy of club stompers, there’s a lot more wiggle room to give every song its own unique story, identity, meaning, etc. It’s the best of both worlds!

So, I’ve jam-packed this mix with thirty minutes of it, including a few unreleased tunes from myself and some friends! This one’s also a little special because it’s my first time ever performing a live set on my deck! I’ve been practicing hard over the pandemic, as I’ve always been primarily a producer over a DJ, but I’m really happy with this one. It’s a little taste of what a Skybreak show might sound like! Be sure to listen the whole way through, and let me know what you think on socials!” –Skybreak

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Skybreak & Kaval – ID*
Trinergy & Rob Gasser – Without U
Automhate – Bring The Funk
SpaceYeti – Radiant (Speared by Famous Spear)
Skybreak, Sharks & Ace Aura – Another Heart
TYNAN & Ace Aura – Stay
Resurge & Neddie – Debug
Cyclops – ID*
scheme – Greg (Noctane Remix)
Skybreak & Prismatic – Meteorite
Eliderp & JoeB – Vexxed
Skybreak & Phazen – Dark Aether
Skybreak – ID*
Ace Aura – Coma (Sharks Remix)
Skybreak – River Spirit
Moore Kismet – Vendetta For Cupid (feat. TYGKO)
Skybreak – Lumina x Au5 – Mesmerize (feat. Bella Musser)
euphorian – ID*
Sharks & Skybreak – ID*
Oliverse – Parachute (Skybreak Remix)
Trinergy – Romantic Story
Ximm – False
Leotrix – Endless Pain
Skybreak – Waterfall
Skybreak & CURE97 – ID*
William Black & AMIDY – Closer Than You (Skybreak Remix) x L.M – Hyperlight
Ace Aura – Breaking Free ft. joegarratt (Skybreak Remix)
Papa Khan – Rain (Skybreak Flip)*
Skybreak – ID*

  • means UNRELEASED

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